Tuesday, 1 March 2011

An introduction to the axeman

I am relatively new to blogging but I thought it necessary to try my hand at it. I'll begin with a short introduction about who I am and what I do, plus the aim of this blog.

I have grown up on the land in Queensland, Australia. From an early age we were encouraged to go out and entertain ourselves in the bush. My parents were never scared to have us use knives and axes and I have been using these tools most of my life. I have studied education, biological science and human movement science in university. I have also had the honour to be a member of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, serving as a full time firefighter. I have since moved to Telemark in Norway and started teaching again. This has allowed me spare time to pusue things I enjoy, like playing music, metal work, knife making, axe refurbishing and of course camping. I am a family man and am lucky to have a lovely wife and 2 great children, my daughter who is 4 1/2 and son who is 2.

I have been contemplating starting a blog for quite some time but have been put off by the number of utter garbage bloggs out there. I don't aim to entertain people but aim to provide accurate information about products, repairs, improvements and use of things camping and outdoor related. I have been reasonably disappointed by the mis-information that is spread on the internet by so-called experts in these fields. I find that often there is a complete lack of common sense in what I read.

It is my intention to provide information that I believe to be factual, well founded and researched. I will not make myself out to be an expert in fields I am unfamilliar with, and, I will not take the work of other's and pass this off as my own. I believe that credit should be given where it is due and as such, will not hesitate in featuring guest articles from people I believe to be knowledgable in their fields. I hope to keep education as the goal first and foremost, and entertainment second. I also encourage open, civilised discussion.

Now that the serious issues have been covered, it's time to start writing some real articles.

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