Friday, 6 May 2011

The axeman has a new job

Well folks it's official. I have a new job. I went back to an old vocation of mine and am now training adults rather than teaching teenagers. The change had a lot of benefits but also came with some sacrifices. One of which is that I have no internet access where I live during the week. This means I am limited to blogging during the weekend and this has become tougher since I want to spend as much time with my wife and kids as possible. Rest assured though, this is only a temporary setback and I will be putting out reviews and articles when I can.

My new home is a cabin in the woods surrounded by small creeks and pines. It used to have quite a few birch trees around it until the resident beavers decided that they had to come down. I don't mind. Beavers are nifty critters and I admire any animal that can gnaw through a log for kicks. I have access to an outdoor toilet and for the most part spend my afternoons in the bedroom because we have had a cold snap. I don't have the time to wait until the rest of the cabin warms up because I get home late, and am exhausted when I arrive. My typical day consists of getting up at 0530, and getting home at 1830. This has also left little time for bushcrafting but it's only temporary as I need to spend some extra hours to get my head around the job.

I will be participating in a Bushcraft USA meet next weekend. The Bushcraft USA members in Scandinavia have decided to get together and swap some gear, eat some food and just generally chew the fat for a weekend. I have been waiting for about 6 months for this, eagerly going over a gear list in my head. We are a pretty small group, but consist of some quality individuals who enjoy the outdoors. There will be loads of photos and a run down of activities in my TRIPS section.

Well folks, thats it from me for now. I hope you have all been keeping well and enjoying the outdoors. Stay tuned for some more posts from me, including my Tuatahi work axe review when I get my eager hands on it.


  1. Nice one mate,nothing better than being out there and getting paid to do it

  2. True. Unfortunately, by the time I get home from work I'm too tired to do much outdoorsy stuff. Just sitting on the porch looking at the nature or going for a short walk is enough. I try to get out more on the weekends.