Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Garage

It's been a while but I think now that things have calmed down slightly, I will kick off a new section. I spend a great deal of time in my garage and having just moved, half of my workshop is at the old address and half is here. Usually when blokes move, it does not cause much of a logistical issue. Unfortunately, I have a heap of tools and some of them weigh more than the average trailer can carry. This issue forced me to lash out and buy a manual forklift.

Unfortunately, it doesn't help you unload it off the trailer. I had to do it the old fashioned way...
This piece of equipment will help me move the heavy things without needing to organize a tractor at each location. Country folk are friendly but you don't want to disturb a farmer who is elbow deep in a calving cow to do you a "solid"... they tend to get surly.

I only buy what I can afford and don't buy tools on credit. I like the feeling I get from knowing I own what I have in the workshop and prefer to wait and save. I also like to buy quality tools so despite the temptation to buy a far east import, I waited and bought a forklift manufactured in the Czech Republic. I'll try and keep this section updated as I develop the garage. The plan is to have it insulated, have central vaccum and airlines, and to have 3 phase to power the machines. This won't happen overnight but will take some time to acheive. This is how the garage looks at the moment:

You probably noticed that the floor looks like it's been shot up. In typical Norwegian fashion, the tradesman took no pride in his work and poured an uneven, poorly mixed slab. Now it's chipping out and looks nasty. My plan is to hit it with a bonding agent, then fill in the holes and even out the worst of the floor with tile glue. This will be strong enough that when I paint it with epoxy floor sealant, it won't chip out. So there you have it, the garage so far, Stay tuned as I slowly improve it and bring it up to standard as a well stocked, capable workshop that can handle most projects. The following picture gives you an idea of what I enjoy and need the garage for. It is an Ixion drill in the middle of a refurb
Until next time folks.


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