Saturday, 7 July 2012

Renovations Finally Complete!

I had mentioned in the past how we were busy renovating. The house was built in the 50's by Norsk Hydro and at a quite poor standard when we bought it. The walls had been wall papered about 5 - 6 times leaving huge bulges and floor coverings were of various types and exceeded 7 different floor types in the top 2 floors alone.

Here is the house advertised online:

House Pics

Here are some previous pictures so you get an idea of the work we have put in:

Stairwell with me foreground and my brother Alex

 Bathroom floor (note the multi wall papered walls)


Living / Dining Room

The bathroom with the cement sheets up

I tried to find other pictures but it seems like we avoided taking photos of the worst parts of the house. These give you the general idea though.

Now this saga is done, we just need to sell the house and we can start to enjoy this strange thing called "free time". Up until now I thought this was a symptom of people who have inherited large sums from obscure relatives or a result of those not understanding that credit debt is intended to be paid off. Regardless, I aim on catching up on the last 5 years of missed holidays, weekends and afternoons after work that we have spent renovating our house. If you see me parachute into your swimming pool or wrestle a crocodile at your local zoo, just know it's not early dementia, but rather me experimenting with "free time" and all the rash behaviour and injuries this strange phenomenon can result in. Stay safe.

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