Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My new junkyard dog

I had decided that a security system is ok, but having a killer dog is even better. I discussed this with my wife and she didn't seem to mind the idea. I spoke to a friend of ours who breeds dogs and did the deal and brought home the Mexican Wolf.

In the above picture he looks enormous. Lets add something for scale shall we?
He is very alert and despite his tiny stature, he has a heart of a lion crammed into that scrawny little chest of his. To top it off he loves the kids so it's a tick in every box. Scooter has become one of the family and does his best to keep kidnappers away from the children when he's not guarding the workshop.

The great part of having a micro dog is that his "bombs" are so tiny they blow away in the wind. Brilliant!

Stay safe.

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